On November 10, 2018, SPA is excited to host our inaugural National Geographic LIVE! series, sponsored by ConocoPhillips. For the three shows that make up this season’s series, SPA Education will be offering special student and teacher rates, providing a K-8 oriented study guide with enrichment activities and worksheets related to the lecture, and hosting an activity table and photo booth at each show. This first show features a presentation by Egyptologist Kara Cooney discussing her new book When Women Ruled the World. Celebrate and learn more about powerful female leaders in Ancient Egypt while building history, social studies, and geography vocabulary and knowledge. Students and parents are encouraged to use the study guide materials to both prepare for their trip to the theater, and to debrief the experience.

To receive a 50% discount on all tickets to each show, please enter code STUDY into the code box when selecting tickets online.

This is the link to the show page, where tickets can be purchased: https://www.spahouston.org/performances/egyptologist-kara-cooney/

This is the link to the study guide: https://www.spahouston.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Kara-Cooney-Study-Guide.pdf


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