We are very excited to have an Art Contest during our Winter Conferences. We want to encourage students of all ages to take part in our art contest. With our homeschool students, the possibilities are endless as they will have the opportunity to exercise their individuality and creativity.

We know this is short notice, however, the Artwork started after the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year and completed prior to the January 8th deadline are eligible.  We hope to do better next year, with a possible auction and hanging in an actual art gallery.  This year, we are beginning.

We are very honored to have actual artists doing the judging.  We have a former Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show Art Contest judge, Edd Hayes, who received the honor of being named by The Texas Legislature as The Official Texas State Sculptor.  Laurie Baker, a completed homeschool Mom and an impasto and abstract painter, who creates one of a kind Antlers and Wings decor.  Caroline Venable, also known as Granny Vee who has done extensive art work, film and television.  Just to name a few of our judges.

All artwork must be dropped off at the HEP Bookstore or The Homeschool Store, during normal business hours no later than January 8th.  The artwork will be required to be picked up no later than Tuesday, January 13, again, during normal business hours.  Any artwork not picked up on Tuesday will be discarded, as G-HAH will not have the ability to transport them or pay the postage to ship them.

Timeline: Drop off NO LATER THAN Jan 8th, Judging on Jan 9th, Awards on Jan 10th at the beginning of each of the Winter conferences at both locations, pick up no later than Jan 13th.

Prizes and ribbons will be awarded, along with recognition on our website and social media.

Here are the guidelines:

The minimum dimensions for 2-D artwork are 11″X 14″ including up to 3½” mat.

The maximum dimensions for 2-D artwork are 18″ X 24″ including up to 3½” mat.

Charcoal, pastels, and lead pencil drawings must be fixed and must not smear.

Artwork must be matted or mounted unless the artwork is created on canvas with wooden stretcher frames.

a. If matted, the mat cannot exceed 3½ inches on any side. Multiple matting is acceptable, but total width of any matting must not exceed the 3½ inches.

b. If matted, the mat must be affixed in a way that it can be removed without damaging the artwork. Mats will be removed from artwork that advances to auction.

c. If mounted, use a product like tag board that is sturdy enough to prevent sagging.

d. Paintings on canvas with wooden stretcher frames must have a hook or wire on the back for hanging. These should be affixed so that they do not damage other artwork if multiple pieces are stacked.



1. Certain subjects are considered unacceptable for the G-HAH Art Contest competition. Artwork depicting these subjects will be disqualified. The subjects include:
a. Any subject matter that, in the sole judgment of the Greater Houston Area Home Educators, is highly controversial or may detract from the general character of the Show (i. e., the Confederate flag, items with profanity or of a lewd nature). b. Satanic or violent art c. Nudes and inappropriate or suggestive clothing, or a lack thereof. d. Any copies of copyrighted works. Where copying masters is great for practice, it is not accepted in this contest.

2. Certain types, styles and methods of artwork are not permitted in the G-HAH Art Contest competition. Artwork of these types, styles or methods will be disqualified. These include: a. Jewelry (including necklaces, pendants, rings, and belt buckles) b. Photographic work c. Wood burning d. Artwork created on glass, mirror, plastic or any reflective material that would cause difficulty in photographing the artwork.

3. Certain materials may not be used in artwork submitted to the G-HAH Art Contest competition. Artwork using any of these materials will be disqualified. These materials include: a. Loose sand (must be glued) b. Glitter glue or glitter of any kind c. Plastic figures d. Wax e. Living things (for example, plants or insects) f. Beads g. Commercial, newsprint, stencils, rub-on letter or any printed or photographed material h. Any fragile material that easily breaks or may be damaged when transported i. Pre-packaged or pre-cut craft or art kitsj. h. Any man made products (for example, rope or leather)

4. Images traced by hand or with the use of an overhead or opaque projector or any other electronic or mechanical device are prohibited. Artwork that incorporates traced images will be disqualified.

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